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Hi, I'm Jacky So!

Why Data With Style??

The tl,dr version:

I'm a community builder with a hard science background who dove into tech. I consider myself a people-connector first and an engineer second. I'm open to sharing my skills with others for consulting projects or collaborations.

Data With Style. Why the name?

What I do is Data, and what I have is Style--sometimes, it's really that simple!

Data With Style is essentially an extension of my engineering self, and if you're here for it, then let's make some data magic happen!

My goal is to build Data With Style into a data and employee culture consulting firm, creative network, and publisher of awesome goods.

I care about being open and honest, and I hope I'm able to lead by example so that others can feel comfortable being their authentic selves as well.

If you're interested in hiring me as a consultant for your project or business, feel free to send me a message!

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My specialty is Data Analytics and Employee Engagement.

Relationship Building and Communication

Community Building is my passion. It's a combination of relationship building and communication. Everywhere I go, creating a sense of community makes a huge difference in harmonious teamwork.

I have been doing this for over two decades because it is the core of who I am.

I accelerated my growth and exposure to event planning, project management, and culture leadership by finding any opportunity to build resources, foster communication, and nurture positive community-wide events my entire life—graduating high school with 3,000 hours dedicated to community building, university with over 11,000 hours dedicated to community management, and graduate school receiving the Outreach Award two years in a row for Medical Community Leadership Excellence.

I bring a fresh perspective as your community-oriented leader who considers herself a people-connector first and an engineer second.

I am constantly brainstorming about how to serve as a force multiplier for those around me—whether that is putting on community-wide events at scale or providing a neutral, judgment-free zone to allow colleagues a safe place to vent and de-escalate situations.

I strive to be on the forefront of nurturing quality-of-life workplaces for all, leveraging my unique skillset and holistic perspective that can help us achieve this goal together.

That's what I'm about.

Data Analytics and Research

Familiar Tech Stack:

  • SQL/PSQL, Python, PySpark, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Haml/SCSS

  • AWS: S3, Redshift

  • Postgres, MongoDB

  • DataBricks, Jupyter

  • Looker, JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, Postman, Git/Github

  • Bash scripting/Unix Shell commands

Familiar Processes:

  • Engineering sprints, retrospectives, product specs, technical specs

  • ETL, cleaning data, data wrangling, data processing, data transformations

  • Analyzing data, big data visualizations, presenting data

  • Translating business use cases into technical to-dos

Jacky So breakdance move in Paris, France public garden

Personal Projects and Other Fun Things


Learning sad love songs in foreign languages. I have some already recorded, but I will receive feedback from friends who are native speakers before releasing them. This will give me a chance to improve the recordings and honor the culture of each language.

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So, what I'm about to share with you is very real and very honest.

I am putting this in its own dropdown to keep the navigation of your experience more streamlined. There could be a lot of reasons why you found Data With Style. I hope that one of those reasons is because you find my skills and life experiences helpful, and my message of authenticity resonates with you.

My goal is to build Data With Style into a data and employee culture consulting firm, creative network, and publisher of awesome goods.

I've learned a lot of lessons in my non-traditional path to tech, but it wasn't until I experienced burn out that I was able to identify a few factors that led up to it.

One lesson I hope to share is recognizing the difference between what skills you *can* do and what skills you *prefer* to do.

For me, when my day-to-day became exclusively solo coding projects, I felt myself slipping away from the core of who I am--a highly collaborative and expressive person. I had the privilege of working on some unique, first-ever kind of projects for respected and renown clients, and I was humbled by the opportunity to be the main contributor to many of those projects.

However, I deeply questioned if what I was doing was feeding my soul--otherwise, why would I feel disconnected when I'm surrounded by such great opportunity? I was surrounded by such amazing people, but I felt very isolated because I was working in silo'd projects, and I didn't see that path changing unless I gave myself the chance to step back and evaluate where I truly want to go and what kind of impact I want to make.

My other advice is: If you have the chance to experience an extreme case of what your career path could look like with what you're doing now, take it!

I feel extremely grateful that I got this end, because it forced me to look at the isolated tasks and ask myself, if everything else was removed (people, meetings, company name, mission, company culture), do these tasks allow me to match my personal mission of being a bridge between people? THAT is what gets me up and going.

Sometimes, the hardest answer we must accept is, "No", but it can also be the most liberating because it's honest. My goal is to always live with no regrets, live authentically, and be a bridge between people. What I realized is that my day-to-day work should be flipped: I should be sharing my interpersonal and EQ skills as my primary occupation, but I can still share my expertise and experiences on the technical front for projects and contract work that move me.

If you find yourself feeling the same way I felt, and you need someone like me to come in and handle some projects, I'd love to hear more about it. Send me a message!

This is why I *finally* started Data With Style: I want to provide a creative outlet for my engineering self--where I can be hired to consult on projects or provide inspiration to live colorfully.

This is where I fuse my technical skills, passion for community building, leadership with internal communications, desire for creative challenges, and belief that authenticity is appreciated.

Cheers to building Data With Style into a data and employee culture consulting firm, creative network, and publisher of awesome goods.

Now, let's have fun!


Jacky So

Founder and CEO

Jacky So profile picture, Founder and CEO of Data With Style

Thanks for getting to know me! Email me to continue the convo.

I'm also happy to provide you with my CV via email. -->

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Work Experience

Data With Style

Mountain View, CA | Q4 2019 - present

  • Founder and CEO

  • Currently, exploring GCP capabilities and building a data pipeline from scratch

Quest Analytics (previously, BetterDoctor)

San Francisco, CA | Q1 2018 - Q3 2019

  • Growth Hacker --> Technical Program Manager --> Data Engineer

  • Building prototypes for new products and exploring ways to improve legacy data pipeline (AWS)

Trusted Health

San Francisco, CA | Q4 2017

  • Business Development Consultant (User Research Analyst)

  • Establish target audience customer personas and email marketing funnels

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Philadelphia, PA | Q3 2014 - Q3 2016

  • Program Manager (Biomedical Sciences President) --> Director of Communications and Media

  • Partner with internal and external stakeholders to create resources to improve colleague wellness

  • Manage internal communications across 14 departments


  • Research Scientist and Data Analyst for almost a decade

  • Community Manager at a University and at an International Language School


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)

Philadelphia, PA

  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

  • First year medical school with second year specialization as Research Scientist

  • Intensive training program with impact as leader on Organizational Development culture

University of California, Irvine (UCI)

Irvine, CA

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • Minor in Biological Sciences and emphasis in Business Management

  • Graduated with over 11,000 hours dedicated to community management, focusing on business development, marketing and events, and team culture

Other programs

Google Udacity Scholars

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Front End Developer Nanodegree Scholarship Program

Here is a fun, visual timeline of my experience

(why I understand people and how I can help)

Headshot of Jacky So as child

Work Ethic

Work ethic is pretty much deeply engrained in me--I started working as a child actor.

Show up, do the work, give it your all.

Stay as long as needed until the work gets done.

Jacky So at UC Irvine, elected and endorsed by peers to represent institution

University of California, Irvine

Studied Political Science, Biology, and Business

Jacky So preparing to present to basketball arena with colleagues during public speaking engagement.

Notable Things

  • University-wide project management (large events with attendance up to 40k)

  • Business development training during e-commerce industry shift

  • Analyst in neuroanatomy research

  • Curriculum development and teaching assistant: Biomedical Ethics

  • Community Manager

Jacky So recognized for community leadership at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.

Program Mgmt + Communications

  • Research analytics

  • Project planning

  • Program strategy

  • Internal communications

  • Public speaking

  • Community management

Jacky So on a typical day, working late as an engineer but still finding ways for self-amusement in cat ear headphones.

Familiar Tech Stack

SQL/PSQL, Python, PySpark, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Haml/SCSS

AWS: S3, Redshift

Postgres, MongoDB

DataBricks, Jupyter

Looker, JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, ETL, Postman, Git/Github, Bash scripting/Unix Shell commands

Jacky So planned the Bay Area-wide Google Udacity Scholars graduation event.

Other Useful Skills

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Event planning

  • Photography

  • Documentation

  • Technical Writing

  • Product Specs

  • Running efficient meetings

  • Big Data Analytics

Jacky So as Growth Hacker at Google Cloud Conference in San Francisco, CA

Growth Hacker

First time being invited to GCP Conference

Jacky So as Data Engineer at Google Cloud Conference in San Francisco, CA

Data Engineer

Second time being invited to the GCP Conference, this time in my capacity as a Data Engineer

Jacky So with San Francisco city skyline in the back, SoMa


With the pandemic changing in-person conferences, I'd still love to connect with fellow GCP enthusiasts.

Let's connect!

Maybe you have a project in mind?

I see you!

Send me a message and let's chat.

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I'm bringing my other projects into the DWS umbrella and plan on releasing them here.